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State-run news agency KCTV announces the taking of three American hostages including popular actor Nicolas Cage

North Korea threatens to kill Nicolas Cage

The impoverished dictatorship of North Korea is ignoring U.S. calls to cease ratcheting up tensions today, and has instead issued new threats to kill three American hostages it says are being held in Pyongyang. In a propaganda video released this morning on the state-run news channel KCTV, North Korea claimed […]

Telecom urges customers to solve Yahoo!Xtra issues by not using Yahoo!Xtra

Telecom urges customers to solve Yahoo!Xtra issues by not using Yahoo!Xtra

Telecom is responding to the latest in a series of problems with its troubled Yahoo!Xtra email service by suggesting that customers cease using it altogether. The last few weeks have seen the service plagued by a torrent of spam emails targeted at more than 60,000 of its 450,000 email users, […]

John Minto could’ve sworn he didn’t buy a hundred microphones

John Minto curious to know why house full of tiny microphones

Veteran political activist John Minto is bemused this morning as he finds himself unable to explain the large number of tiny – sometimes hidden – microphones strewn throughout his Auckland home. Minto says he began finding the microphones early last week, but at the time he recalls there only being […]

John Key spent the entirety of his final day in Shanghai standing in a room vaguely similar to this one

John Key asks to see location of Shanghai scene from Skyfall

While traveling in Shanghai with a New Zealand trade delegation, Prime Minister John Key asked to be shown the location of the well-known Shanghai fight scene from 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. Key has been traveling in China since Friday, but was reportedly most excited to visit Shanghai, which he […]

A group of desperate Sri Lankan asylum seekers has described the town of Geraldton as “even worse” than where they came from

Asylum seekers return to sea after mistakenly arriving in Australia

A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers who were trying to sail to New Zealand have returned to sea today after mistakenly arriving at the small Western Australian town of Geraldton. The 66 refugees, including several children and pregnant women, sailed into the port of Geraldton yesterday afternoon on a […]

By the Briscoes lady

Opinion: I have too many toasters

I own a lot of toasters. After 25 years as the face of Briscoes, it’s unavoidable. You can’t sing the praises of a company and its endless sales without owning the products you endorse. It would be dishonest. And I’m not dishonest. You can trust me on that, because I […]