Police hope to have speeding ticket gift vouchers available in time for Christmas

Expect to see these billboards popping up later this year.

Expect to see these billboards popping up later this year.

New Zealand Police say they now expect to have their latest revenue-raising measure in place by Christmas this year, providing a much-needed funding boost to the force.

From December 15th, Kiwis will have the option of buying speeding ticket vouchers for friends or family, which can be used to pay speeding fines incurred in future.

Apparently still Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the move would be a “win-win” for the public and for police.

“If a loved one is kind enough to pay for you to have one of these,” he said, holding aloft a prototype version of the vouchers, “then you’ll have however much is on here deducted from your speeding ticket. This will be a particularly good Christmas gift for those who regularly find themselves going just a little too fast.

“Or a lot too fast, if you want to purchase the premium vouchers that also protect you from a certain number of demerits.”

Vouchers would be of a one-to-one dollar value, and free or discounted speeding tickets would have to be redeemed within a three month window.

Bush said the vouchers would “do nothing” for you if you were caught drink driving, but in somewhat related plans NZ Police were considering brewing their own brand of beer, to be on sale by 2020.

“We can’t promise you’ll not get charged, but if you can prove you’re drunk on our beer, we certainly might go a bit easier on you,” he said.

*A current version of this article described Mr. Bush as holding the gift card “aloft”, but NZ Police would like it clarified that Mr. Bush was not so much holding it aloft as he was “holding it up just a little bit.”