Political stunt backfires: Gareth Morgan trapped in glass case for days after no one realises he’s missing

Morgan says he doesn’t regret the stunt, but would perhaps make the glass a “tad less strong next time.”

Morgan says he doesn’t regret the stunt, but would perhaps make the glass a “tad less strong next time.”

In a Waitangi Day political stunt that didn’t go quite to plan, Gareth Morgan has been trapped inside a glass case for the whole week, after nobody realised he was missing or went to find him.

On Monday, Morgan intentionally enclosed himself in the case to promote his new Opportunities Party ahead of this year’s election.

Morgan’s idea was reportedly that, after a day or two, people would realise he hadn’t made any social media posts or turned up to work or the functions he was due to attend, and would go looking for him. They would eventually find him in a glass case surrounded by thousands of hundred dollar bills.

In front of the case would be a key emblazoned with the Opportunities Party logo and accompanied by a little note that read “Unlock Innovation.”

Using the key on the glass case would unlock it, freeing Morgan and a “new generation of innovation and economic opportunity.”

But the stunt went horribly wrong, as nobody realised Gareth was missing, and he remained trapped and lonely inside a glass casing that he had designed to only be opened from the outside.

By Wednesday, he had begun trying to free himself manually, repeatedly ramming his skull against the walls until he bled and eventually fell unconscious.

Early on Friday morning, Morgan was finally able to tip the case over, and limped his way to a local police station.

Police say Morgan entered the station at 10:43am this morning, bleeding from head to toe, and suffering thousands of tiny lacerations.

“He’s in a bad way,” said constable James Taffort. “The glass has obviously smashed around him and it’s just a very ugly scene. He’s done the right thing, though, I suppose, in getting himself out; we’re fairly confident no one would have found him and he would eventually have starved to death had he not broken free.

“He’s very lucky to be alive.

“We’d just generally advise the public not to, uh, not to do this kind of thing, I guess.”