Proctor struggles to explain why he also took two cans of beans, a beer, 60 dollars, and a bath

Despite his name and appearance, Dave Scott insists he is just "a human" and not "some kind of proctorbot."

Despite his name and appearance, Dave Scott insists he is just “a human” and not “some kind of proctorbot.”

Otago University proctor Dave Scott has landed himself in hot water this week after entering a student flat without permission and stealing three bongs.

Scott, who has publicly apologised today and acknowledged he made a mistake, says he was just trying to protect the students from possible police action, and was doing it out of concern for them.

But at a 3pm press conference this afternoon, he failed to coherently explain to media why he also took two cans of beans, a couch cushion, a Playstation 4, a Rush Hour DVD set, a beer, 60 dollars, and had a bath before leaving.

“Look, everything I did, I did with the students’ well-being in mind,” he said. “Did I cross a line at times? Absolutely, but for one, there were too many beans in that flat. You don’t need sixteen cans, I know you buy them all because they keep and you think at some point you’re going to use them, but I think most students understand that those cans just get moved from flat to flat to flat and then eventually into a family home until you finally get the courage to put them straight in the bin, and there are families that could use beans that you’re not using; my family, for example.

“The cushion? Uh, look, didn’t fit the couch, wasn’t even from the same couch that it was on. Just trying to find that a home.

“The Playstation 4, study distraction.

“Rush Hour? Kind of a racist franchise.”

Scott could not explain why he took the beer and 60 dollars, but said that taking a bath was “not a criminal act.”

Legal experts spoken to about the matter agreed that taking a bath is not a crime.

Students living in the flat were sympathetic to Scott, telling media today that he’s a “good guy” and they didn’t want to see him fired, even though it was “really weird that he had a bath here.”