Protester standing outside Parliament every day until climate action accepts he will eventually drown

Those concerned for Langridge's wellbeing say they hope he'll change his mind when he sees the ocean coming.

Those concerned for Langridge’s wellbeing say they hope he’ll change his mind when he sees the ocean coming.

The protester who has vowed to stand outside Parliament every day until the Government announces a climate emergency says he accepts that his quest will most likely end in drowning.

Ollie Langridge, who has been standing outside Parliament for around 80 days now, says he wants the Government to declare a climate emergency so that New Zealand can do nothing “more loudly.”

“At the moment we’re just very quietly doing nothing about climate,” he said. “If we declared a climate emergency, it would declare loudly to the world that while we’re doing nothing, we’re making an awful lot of noise about it. That’s all I’m really asking.”

When Langridge first set up camp nearly three months ago, he expected it was only a matter of time before an emergency was declared, but now he fully anticipates that he’ll drown as the rising sea gradually swallows Wellington’s CBD and consumes him.

“Didn’t really think about that,” he shrugged, glumly.

But Langridge has no regrets, as he’s not doing this for himself, but “for my children.”

Asked what specific climate fears he had for his children, he clarified: “Oh no, they just thought it would be funny if I got stuck out here.”

“The joke is getting a bit old, to be honest.”

The Government presently has no plans to alleviate Langridge’s suffering, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she is not presently willing to declare a climate emergency just so he can go home.

She was however willing to offer something “perhaps a bit smaller,” like a “climate situation” or a “climate inconvenience.”

Longridge was unmoved by the offer of an inconvenience, but said he is “still mulling” whether he’d accept a situation.