Roy Morgan leads in latest Roy Morgan poll

A graph showing the results of the latest Roy Morgan survey

A graph showing the results of the latest Roy Morgan survey

A poll released Monday by Australasian research firm Roy Morgan Research shows it leading both National and Labour in public support ahead of next year’s general election.

Were an election held today, the poll indicates that Roy Morgan Research would receive 58% support, with the National and Labour Parties receiving 21% and 15% support, respectively.

This would give the prominent research firm 70 seats in parliament, well ahead of National’s 26 and Labour’s 18. Under this scenario, Roy Morgan Research would easily be able to govern alone.

When asked about the poll, Labour Leader David Shearer said that he wasn’t particularly concerned. “Look, there’s an old saying in politics; the only poll that matters is the one on election day” said Shearer. “So I’m not worried about this poll or that poll.” Privately, though, strategists from both Labour and National were troubled by the latest numbers.

The poll also registered a drop in personal popularity for Prime Minister John Key, who was rated by only 25% of people as their preferred Prime Minister, trailing Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine, who was the clear favourite at 34%.

The survey follows a poll last week from 3 News-Reid Research that showed the political issue most important to New Zealanders was “watching 3 News.”