Selfish corporate media won’t send cameras to Amazon so we can watch it burn

Western media have defended their decision not to cover the fires so as not to give them any oxygen.

Western media have defended their decision not to cover the fires so as not to give them any oxygen.

Social media outrage continues to grow around the sentiment that mainstream western media is devoting too little coverage to an ongoing series of fires in the Amazon rainforest, and in doing so are denying us a precious opportunity to watch it slowly burn to ashes.

Social media users aren’t so much incensed about the fact the Amazon is burning, something that has been happening for the better part of their lifetimes, but the fact there simply aren’t enough badass pictures of it going up in flames.

A series of Twitter hashtags questioning why media are apparently burying the story are greatly outnumbering hashtags demanding action on the fires, highlighting a growing feeling amongst young people that if it’s going to burn down, we might as well see it.

The current surge of fires in the Amazon rainforest is the worst it’s been in seven years of record keeping, and is likely due, in part, to relaxed environmental restrictions by Brazil’s current government.

But President Jair Bolsonaro maintains that conservationists are being hysterical, and that a good portion of the rainforest is not on fire.

“In fact,” he reiterated Thursday, “more than half of the rainforest, a majority, is not on fire.”

We spoke to a series of experts on the region, who confirmed to us that the Amazon is a rain forest, making it hard to see how it could be on fire. We await more information.

In their clamour for more coverage, Facebook and Instagram users have resorted to using photos of other fires, such as this one from California in 2013, due to the fact it looks way cooler than any available imagery mainstream outlets have been yet able to provide.

But as of this evening, the social media drumbeat has finally led to at least some coverage of the fires, with the New Zealand Herald publishing “The Amazon is on Fire: Purchase Premium to see if we wrote anything about it”, while radical anti-boomer website The Spinoff published “The Amazon is on Fire: Here are our top 10 chicken donuts in Ponsonby.”

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