Shortland Street special to depict the hospital scrambling to deliver Prime Minister’s baby

PICTURED: A still from Monday night's highly anticipated special

PICTURED: A still from Monday night’s highly anticipated special

Beloved New Zealand soap opera and renowned hospital show, Shortland Street, will commemorate the birth of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s baby with a special, feature-length episode in which the eponymous hospital has to scramble to deliver the Prime Minister’s baby during a total blackout.

According to TVNZ, on Monday night, the hospital will face a challenge unlike any in its 26-year history.

Auckland is struck by a major blackout, cutting power to the entire city. The Shortland Street Hospital is without its back-up generator after anaethetist Luke Durville used all its remaining power making cheese toasted sandwiches after hours.

To make matters worse, the Prime Minister has gone into labour and the baby needs delivering imminently.

Executive producer Don Reynolds says the episode will be a central pillar in the show’s history, and Ardern will receive a DVD copy as a gift.

“We just think it’s a great way to mark this really special occasion. It’ll be especially great for Jacinda’s daughter and/or son to watch it back when they’re older, see the scene where they cause untold chaos and force the hospital to have to redirect its resources resulting the deaths of several less important patients, and think ‘Hey, that was me.'”

There was only one major obstacle to getting the epsiode cleared. In the Shortland Street universe, the Prime Minister is a man, the fictional Mr. John English, and having him give birth took “some suspension of disbelief.”

“That was, yeah, I mean, we didn’t think of that when wrote it, actually,” said Reynolds. “It’s just one of those things where our fictional universe didn’t quite line up with the real one, and we thought, ‘well, are we not going to do this just because our Prime Minister is a man?'”

Reynolds wouldn’t guarantee that English would survive the episode, hinting that the stakes would be high.

“It’s a very delicate situation. You have a hospital in darkness, minimal resources, and a Prime Minister who has to force a baby out his urethra.”