Shunned and isolated, depressed Israel Folau revises list of sins to remove “drunks”

PICTURED: Folau's updated list of hell-bound sinners.

PICTURED: Folau’s updated list of hell-bound sinners.

Following a difficult week for Israel Folau, under fire and alleged financial pressure due to his public condemnation of homosexuals, the former rugby union star has revised the list that landed him in this situation in the first place.

Folau was sacked from the Wallabies by Rugby Australia last month, after posting on Instagram an image that condemned, among others, homosexuals, telling them that they were destined for hell.

Folau has been defiant since, planning legal action against Rugby Australia for its decision. But today, he recanted somewhat on his original Instagram post, sharing an updated list of hell-bound groups, notably removing “drunks,” and adding “GoFundMe.”

Folau accompanied his post with a livestream, in which he offered a sincere apology for his previous list.

“Over the past few weeks, as you all know, I’ve been under a lot of pressure, a lot of people coming at me,” he told his followers while cradling a glass of wine. “In that time, I’ve been able to do some reflection, and I realise now, with the fullness of hindsight, that I should never have included drunks on that list.”

Folau spoke through tears, and several glasses of pinot noir.

In an additional bid to raise money, Folau has also removed “thieves” from his list.

He is said to be willing to negotiate on “liars.”