Sky’s new starter package just a cable in a box

Sky chief John Fellett says customers shouldn’t expect “too much” from such a cheap package.

Sky chief John Fellett says customers shouldn’t expect “too much” from such a cheap package.

Sky’s new starter package has disappointed some new subscribers, who have described the service as “just a cable in a box.”

In an attempt to attract new customers, and slow the steady decline of its subscription base, New Zealand’s national satellite TV provider has offered a much cheaper entry package to the service, one that allows customers to buy a cable – an essential part of the Sky TV experience – for just $24.91 a month.

The option allows customers who felt like they didn’t want to commit to a full basic package – which contains the Sky box necessary to make the service to actually function – to purchase it on a much tighter budget.

Sky chief executive and original witness to the Great Chicago Fire, John Fellett, said he felt customers who found themselves unable to afford the full Sky package would “really enjoy the cable.”

“For just under $25 a month, you can come home, sit the family down around the living room, stare at the cable sitting in the middle of your floor, and dream of what it might be like to afford Sky proper,” he said.

Alice Nuthall, 33, said she and her husband were excited to be able to finally become Sky subscribers, but were taken aback when all they received for their fixed six month contract was a cable that “didn’t appear to connect to anything.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what we expected,” she said, glancing, forlorn, at her useless wire.

John Egan, 27, was significantly less disappointed.

“It’s alright, aye?” he said, casually tossing the cable across his living room, onto the floor. “Yeah, goes fine, I guess.”

For an extra $10 a month, Sky starter customers can receive a Freeview box.