Surrounded sex offender still won’t come down from roof

While they would still appreciate him coming down, police say they’re confident the man has “nowhere to hide.”

While they would still appreciate him coming down, police say they’re confident the man has “nowhere to hide.”

After an agonising 54-year wait, it is beginning to appear as though a notorious sex offender dressed as Santa may not, in fact, surrender to police and descend from his perch atop a Queen Street Whitcoulls.

The man, who is wanted on charges unknown, reportedly fled from police in 1960, having been seen staring into a school while being transported towards Queen Street on the back of a truck.

After a lengthy chase, the man was able to climb several stories and escape onto the side of the Queen Street Whitcoulls building, where he has remained, under intense surveillance, ever since.

Police say the man’s eyes and general demeanour match that of “countless” suspects reported for lewd acts over the last 70 years.

Just days ago, rumours began circulating that the man’s recent movements had indicated that he might finally come down, perhaps in search of food and water.

But despite pleas from Whitcoulls and the wider community, the man this afternoon appeared intent on staying where he is.

“It’s a shame, really,” said 41-year-old accountant Sylvia Erickson. “He watches us all every morning as we go to work. I wish he’d just get down from there and mind his own business.”

The last time the man signalled he might leave his perch was in 1985, when jeering crowds formed around the building and encouraged him jump.

He did not.

Whitcoulls managing director Ian Draper said that, if the man does indeed remain there, he would appreciate it if police took a more proactive approach to getting him down.

“I don’t think a lot of people realise, but business can be quite tough with him just sitting up there,” said Draper. “He scares away the kids, and that’s how we make all our money, really; from spoiled little shits getting their parents to buy them $40 books with about 20 words in them.”

Police are reportedly considering removing the man by force, but are unsure if there’s anywhere they can plausibly detain him.