The Civilian is rebranding!

THEEvery organisation goes through changes. Telecom became Spark. Woolworths became Countdown. John Key became Bill English. Vegemite became Marmite. And most recently, TV3 became +HTHEA@?

Today, The Civilian joins the long and prestigious list of companies that have undergone a much-needed makeover.

When we first launched, the world was a much less streamlined place, where you had to put in your pin number to buy things and phones had edges. But we’ve moved on since then, and we’ve done away with some of the more cumbersome parts of our daily lives.

Today, things are simpler, and less weighed down by convention and needless frills.

The name “The Civilian”, written underneath a man with a bowler hat and cane, is very March of 2013, and doesn’t reflect the modern environment we operate in.

So we’re doing away with the cumbersome and superfluous parts of our identity. We’re streamlining our image.

We’ll be doing away with the needless “Civilian” part of “The Civilian”, and will be known henceforth as simply “The.”

Also the logo is pink now for no reason.

The isn’t just a word. It’s the definite article, which is our new slogan.

It’s also a powerful three letter statement, which stands for Trustworthy, Holistic, and Epidermis.

You can even put in your own words, so long as they start with T, H, E, or have one of those letters anywhere in them, as demonstrated by the marketing campaign for +HTHEA@?’s new AM program.

We hope you’ll join us on this new and exciting journey, that you share our vision, and that you don’t notice that nothing has changed at all.