TV3 heeds public feedback; will replace Campbell Live with show about petitions

MediaWorks wants Campbell Live viewers to be assured that the company has “got the message.”

MediaWorks wants Campbell Live viewers to be assured that the company has “got the message.”

MediaWorks head of news and current affairs Mark Jennings says the company has been “listening closely” to public reaction over the potential axing of long-running 7pm show Campbell Live, and will be “heeding that feedback” as a consultation process moves forward.

It was reported late yesterday afternoon that MediaWorks, which owns TV3, was reviewing esteemed journalist John Campbell’s decade-old show, with an eye towards cancelling it. This drew thousands of people to sign numerous different petitions calling for the show to be saved.

Today, Jennings conceded that the petitions “made clear” what viewers want from their programming, and said that MediaWorks would respond “accordingly.”

“We were frankly overwhelmed by the response we got yesterday,” he said. “We got sent petitions from all over the internet, signed by thousands upon thousands of loyal viewers, which made it abundantly clear, in no uncertain terms, what they want to see: a show about petitions.”

Jennings said that, while almost nobody had watched Campbell Live over the past year, people were “coming out of the woodwork” to sign the petitions attempting to save it.

“They are clearly more interested in petitions than current affairs or John Campbell, and we intend to cater to those interests.”

He thanked viewers for their feedback, and said their efforts had “more or less ensured” Campbell Live would be cancelled, and replaced with a new show called “Petition This!”, hosted by Patrick Gower’s face and an adorable animal yet to be selected.

The show will feature lengthy readings of names signed to various petitions, and will include a segment where TV3’s Ali Ikram phones signatories to see if they are real people.

At the end of the show, hosts Gower’s face and an animal will rule whether the petition was “successful” or “unsuccessful.”

Unsuccessful petitions will be burned live on air during the rolling credits.

The first petition featured on the show is slated to be the change.org petition calling for Campbell Live not to be taken off air. It is expected to be ruled unsuccessful.